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Hi, my name is Dr Nurul Yaqeen. I am a Consultant Respiratory, Internal Medicine Physician & Sleep Disorders Specialist.

I practice at Sunway Velocity Medical Centre (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

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Breathing well is the
key to a good life

When your lung health is affected, it impacts the quality of everyday life and can prematurely shorten your lifespan.

You may not think about the importance of your lung health until you experience a breathing problem.

Your lungs provide oxygen and keep every other organ functioning by removing carbon dioxide from your body.

Genetics, disease, and the environment can affect the health of your lungs and cause respiratory problems. 

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Are You Suffering From These Symptoms?

Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Chest pain is a sensation of discomfort or pain at your chest area. It can be further described as dull pain, pricking pain, stabbing pain or compressing pain. Sometimes, patients may describe it as chest tightness…

Breathing Problems

A breathing problem is often described as ‘shortness of breath’ or ‘difficulty to breathe’. Some patients may describe it as ‘panting episodes’. The symptom can be due to diseases of the lungs, heart, blood or hormones…

Chronic Cough

Chronic Cough

Chronic cough is when you have prolonged non-resolving cough of more than 8 weeks. However, if your cough is already non-resolving after 2 weeks you should be concerned, as you might be dealing with some lung problems..

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are problems that occur during sleep, that might disturb and affect your sleep quality and quantity. This will subsequently affect your daytime activities, work and overall general health which can be very disruptive…

These Symptoms Can
Cause You To Feel...


Respiratory & sleep problems can get in the way of your ability to work and maintain an active lifestyle. This can lead to frustrating setbacks in your career, social life and overall health.


Poorly treated respiratory conditions can be extremely debilitating, leaving you bedridden and unable to take care of your daily needs. This loss of independence can leave you feeling helpless and depressed.


Not getting restful sleep, inability to breathe well and having to rely on others to get through your day can rob you of your purpose and social life. This can lead to feelings of isolation that get worse over time.

With The Right Help
You Can Regain Your Health

With Proper Diagnosis & Treatment,
Your Life Can Start Improving Today

Accurate diagnosis, honest advice and ethical treatment should be every patient’s right.

It’s difficult when you’re dealing with breathing issues and non-resolving cough. With the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the stigma towards patients who are having cough and breathing difficulties are suffocating.

My passion is to make sure that all my patients get the best quality of care.

That involves good communication and in-depth understanding of the disease and management plan while making the treatment journey as comforting as possible.

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Services Available

Chest Clinic

Respiratory Clinic

Upon your first visit to the clinic we’ll conduct a thorough history taking, physical examination and lab investigation, to diagnose your actual lung disease quickly and accurately.



Choose the appropriate diagnostic plan and procedures such as Chest X Ray, CT scan, PET scan, Bronchoscopy, Pleuroscopy, Sleep study, TB, etc, to come to the correct diagnosis.


Treatment & Rehab

Working closely with my pharmacists, physiotherapists, or your personal physio, to suggest specific therapeutic options to allow the best and quickest relief from your condition.


Administer a customised treatment plan to suit your specific needs and effective recovery. Procedures may include: Anti-TB medications, inhalers, antibiotics, CPAP treatment, etc.

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Dr. Nurul Yaqeen

Consultant Respiratory & Internal Medicine Physician. MBBS, MRCP, Respiratory Medicine Fellowship, International Sleep Disorders Specialist.

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