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How HIV impacts the lungs and symptoms it may display there

How HIV impacts the lungs and symptoms it may display there

Excerpt from article in SinarPlus on 20-12-2020 in Bahasa Malaysia

Original title: Hanya 28 peratus sahaja pesakit AIDS tampil dapatkan rawatan

Meanwhile, Consultant Medical and Lung Specialist, Sunway Velocity Medical Center, Dr Nurul Yaqeen Mohd Esa said, among the obvious symptoms of AIDS is a prolonged cough and severe lung complications.

Answering the link between HIV and the lungs, Dr Nurul Yaqeen explained that the lungs are the most ‘favored’ organ to be attacked by bacteria and germs, especially those with AIDS.

“It is because the lungs are the most accessible organ that starts from the nose, then the throat and finally reaches the lungs.

“Some are unaware that the symptoms are a symptom of HIV virus infection because they do not have any chronic diseases and only have a prolonged cough and difficulty breathing,” he said.

According to Dr Nurul Yaqeen, if the doctor has found that there are suspicious symptoms, HIV testing will be done immediately.

“Those who have these symptoms are usually among young patients who are 20 years old. More sadly, most AIDS patients die due to complications of their lungs, ” she said.

As a precautionary measure, here are the recommendations given by Dr. Nurul Yaqeen:

  • Stay away from having free sex.
  • Loyal to the couple.
  • Have safe sex like using a condom.
  • Infection through mother to child can be reduced by taking antivirus during pregnancy and childbirth, avoid surgery and breastfeeding.
  • Members and health officers must always abide by the rules in order to avoid injuries due to needles and sharp tools.
  • High-risk individuals should undergo HIV testing.
  • Always practice a healthy lifestyle based on religion and pure values.

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Dr Nurul Yaqeen

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