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Woon Ngan
(Lung Infection)

Hi, I’m Joanne and my mom, Mdm Woo Ngan had a fall, and developed blood clot in her brain. After removal of the blood clots, she developed lung infection, and we were so worried. After the treatment, she’s getting better and able to walk with assistance. Her condition is improving day by day, and we’re so happy. Thank you so much !

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Shuhaida Othman
(Chronic Cough)

My name is Shuhaidah Othman, I worked as a clinical research coordinator. I was having chronic cough for about 3 months. At first, I thought it was just a normal cough, so I just take some medicine from the pharmacy, but it doesn’t resolved for 3 months, so I decided to seek a specialist consult. The cough affects my daily life, and my job, so that’s why I see a lung specialist, Dr Nurul Yaqeen.

The treatment is very significant. The recovery is very significant, because after about 3 months of therapy and continuous follow up here, my cough is like literally resolved, and it’s not here anymore, so I don’t cough at all right now. It has fully recovered. Most important thing is that I feel very healthy right now, compared to the last 3 months, it’s a very pleasant experience here, because you can actually see your recovery, you’re recovering, so ya, it’s been a good journey

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Chan Chee Ong
(Blood in Cough)

Before this, everyday I’ll have blood in my cough. So, I was very worried. After that, I met Dr Nurul, and after I took the medications that she prescribed, my bloody cough has resolved. The treatment was good. Very good. After I completed the treatment, my problem has been solved. Now, I can work as usual, I can lift up heavy stuffs. Before this, every time I lift up heavy stuffs, I will cough out blood.

Now, no more. After I took medications from doctor, my bloody cough have resolved. My take home message is to come and jumpa a spevcialist doctor if you have bloody cough. I’ve went to normal doctor previously, but my bloody cough did not resolved. After I came over and meet the doctor here, my bloody cough has resolved. Thank you so much, doctor

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Ooi Lai Heng
(Breathing Problem)

My name is Ooi Lai Heng, I live in Alor Setar, Kedah. I came here in September 2020, because of shortness of breath and breathlessness. I have seen many doctors in Penang, but my shortness of breath still not improved. I met with Dr Nurul, and she gave me medications, in the form of inhaler and a tablet that I have to take once a day. After 2 weeks, I can feel the significant improvement, and now, today. I came for my follow up after 2 month, my shortness of breath has improved up to 80% and I am more energetic and healthy now.

So, I’m very confident with Dr Nurul’s treatment that have helped me to recover my breath and lung health. Initially I was skeptical and not sure about doctors here, because they’re very young. But then, I found that, even though they’re young, their medications and treatments work. I think they’re more up to date with the latest medical technology. I would like to thank Sunway medical Centre Velocity, and my special thank to Dr Nurul for treating me.

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Noor Saimidatul binti Said
(Acute Bronchitis &
Obstructive Airway Disease)

Choong Jia Sheng 500x500

Choong Jia Sheng
(Chest Pain)

My symptom was how there are air blebs on my right lung. When I was at my house, I felt sudden chest pain, so I have decided to come to this Sunway Medical Centre velocity hospital for some medical treatment. Dr Nurul Yaqeen helped me a lot during the whole treatment process of my symptoms. I have felt healthy and great after completing my treatment.

Thank you Dr Nurul Yaqeen!


Elias bin Adam
(Breathing Problem)

My father, Elias bin Adam, had Alzheimer’s disease and was bed-ridden since 2 years ago. My dad is 92 years old. He had a lot of phlegm, and he can’t remove out his phlegm. My dad looks tired and he will just fall asleep throughout the day. His breathing also seems to be laboured and noisy. The part-time nurse that came to do her daily visit to bathe and do light exercise for my dad suggested to bring my dad to see a doctor. I went to see Dr Nurul. She ordered series of blood tests and X-rays to diagnose his infection. Then Dr Nurul Yaqeen have given the antibiotic regime, nebulizer and physiotherapy to remove the thickened phlegm.

I’ve seen my father’s improvement, from very ill with difficulties to breath, to his condition now, when he has recovered. Alhamdulillah, I’m so grateful. Thank you to Dr Nurul Yaqeen & nurses who are very patient and compassionate in treating and taking care of my father. All the informations on my father’s illness were explained in a clear manner by Dr Nurul Yaqeen and other referred doctors.

Dr. Nurul Yaqeen

Consultant Respiratory, Internal Medicine Physician, Sleep Disorders Specialist


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